Best hot chocolates in Cornwall

The Best Hot Chocolates in Cornwall

One of our favourite things about this time of year is hot chocolate! The merest hint of a chill in the air and we're swapping our coffee for hot chocolates. From cold toes to a bad day, a hot chocolate can fix all sorts of ills, it's no wonder the Mayans saw hot chocolate as for the gods! 

There are some fantastic cafes in Cornwall where you can get an amazing hot chocolate, so we wanted to share with you our secret list of the best hot chocolates in Cornwall...

Slice of Cornwall, nr Falmouth

These guys take their hot chocolates seriously! A properly chocolatey drink served with a giant, homemade, toasted marshmallow. They also have a variety of milk alternatives plus flavoured syrups if you fancy something a bit different. Don't miss their cakes and food too - all fantastic.

The Hub, Portreath

Just down the road from us so one of our regular haunts, a great place to warm up after a winter swim or windy dog walk. They have gorgeous hot chocolates including a vegan hot chocolate and a yummy range of vegan cakes.

The Beach Hut, Watergate Bay

We love this place, not only because they have an amazing view across the beach at Watergate Bay, but also because they have an entire hot chocolate menu! From their 'Extreme' hot chocolate which has an incredible array of toppings, to Oreo hot chocolate, chai hot chocolate and more. Grab a window seat, cosy up on a rainy day and watch the stormy waves roll in.

The Hidden Hut, Porthcurnick

Not one for a rainy day as it's all outdoors at this beach side hut, but on a sunny winter's day you can't beat wrapping your hand around a warm mug of hot chocolate and gazing out to sea. We like to go all out and have their lovely hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

No Place Like Home

Sometimes you can't beat being at home, pulling on your pyjamas, cosying up in front of the fire and just binging some Netflix with a hot chocolate. We love Kernow Chocolate's hot chocolate spoons - we keep a supply in the cupboard for rainy days and cold nights.

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