Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

Ok ok, hear us out on this one! Yes it's cold, yes it seems a little crazy, but trust us, it feels amazing.

We've all watched with amazement when you see someone take to the waves in the middle of winter, but did you know that cold water swimming is incredibly beneficial to your health?

Increased metabolism

Your body has to work extremely hard to keep warm whilst immersed in cold water. This means you burn more calories. Never a bad thing after the indulgences of Christmas!

Better Circulation

The extreme change in temperature send signals to your heart to pump more blood to your organs. As a result, circulation is increased, toxins are flushed out of your system and you are left with healthier skin and a rosy glow.

Less Stress & Improved Mood

We all know that exercise leads to feel good endorphins and these are activated not only by the movement of swimming but also by the touch of cold water on your skin. The rhythm and floatation of swimming can be calming and help reduce stress as can just being immersed in nature. Cold water swimmers often report a feeling of elation afterwards.

A Great Night's Sleep

Cold water stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body rest and repair itself. This gives a feeling of relaxation and calm, which should then give you a better night’s sleep

Boost Your Immune System

The shock of the cold water can kick start your immune system, helping it to produce more white blood cells and antioxidants which boost your immune system and reduce illnesses.


Don't forget to always check with your GP before starting any new exercise, be aware of the risks of cold water and wild swimming and never swim alone.

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