How To Care For Your Winter Footwear

How To Care For Your Winter Footwear

The cold and wet weather is on it's way (and maybe some snow too!) so we want to show you how to care for your winter footwear. Here are our top do's and don'ts...


  1. Use a good waterproof spray and keep it regularly topped up to prevent water damage. It will also help keep your feet warm and dry!
  2. Dry your shoes as soon as they get wet. Don't leave wet boots in the car after a walk! Pack them with old newspaper to help draw out moisture or towel off any excess water if you can.
  3. Condition any leather shoes with a good leather cream. This will infuse them with good moisture and prevent them from cracking and splitting.
  4. Regularly use a shoe brush to remove dirt before it gets ingrained.


  1. Don't wear suede in wet weather! Always spray suede shoes before the first wear with a good protector, then at least if you do get caught in a shower your shoes will be safe.
  2. Don't dry shoes in front of a radiator or fire. Drying shoes out too fast and hot will split leather and spoil glue.
  3. Don't forget to polish your shoes regularly. This helps build up a protective layer that will help look after your shoes even in bad weather.
  4. Rotate! Don't wear the same pair every day, give them time to breathe and rest.

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