Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

We try and be as sustainable and eco-friendly as we can both in business and at home. One way we can do this at Christmas is by finding sustainable Christmas gift wrapping ideas. Here are a few for you to try...

Shoe Boxes

Reuse those shoe or boot boxes you've got stashed in the wardrobe - they make the perfect gift box. Jazz them up using a few of the other techniques below and you'll have the most impressively wrapped gift that looks a million dollars.

Brown Paper

Often already made from recycled paper, and easily recyclable once you've finished with it, brown paper makes a cheap and beautifully rustic gift wrap.

Use Natural Finishing Touches

Ditch the plastic tape, bows, glitter and ribbons this year. Tie up your brown paper parcels with natural twine and then add natural decorations which can be composted afterwards.

Try sprigs of holly, pieces of rosemary from the garden, cinnamon sticks, pinecones or dry some thinly sliced oranges in the oven.

Fabric Wrap & Ribbons

Have some left over fabric from an old craft project? Or maybe some old t-shirts or shirts you don't wear anymore? Use them to wrap gifts (have a Google of Furoshiki - the Japanese art of wrapping with fabric) or cut them into strips to use as ribbons to tie around your parcels. 

Reuseable Containers

If you're gifting smaller items such as bath bombs or homemade treats then pop them into a container the recipient can use again and again such as a Kilner jar or even a glass vase.

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