Getting Over Summer Burnout

Getting Over Summer Burnout

Those summer holiday weeks are long, aren't they! Kids, heat waves, work, endless piles of laundry and demands for snacks and all leaves you a bit burnt out by the time the school year rolls around.

We've put together our favourite ways and places to relax, unwind and recover from that summer burnout...

Cornish Self Care

You've survived the summer holidays, the kids are still in one piece and you've earned a little treat! There are several gorgeous Cornish beauty brands out there, so order yourself some new bath oil, a face cream or a body scrub. Pack the kids off to school, run a bath, light a candle and just relax and pamper yourself.

We love B SkincareMade For Life Organics and Pure Nuff Stuff.

Time In Nature

If you're feeling tired and stressed, getting outdoors is a powerful and free way to find your way back. Whether its ten minutes with a cuppa in the garden after school drop-off, watching the waves or a good hike, it all helps.

Our favourite places to find a little peace are Bodmin Moor for wide open spaces, river walks at Lerryn or Helford for quiet and birdsong and Cape Cornwall for that blustery, sea salt stinging, waves crashing kind of refresh.

Shopping Spree

What better way to treat yourself than with a little shopping spree! Refresh your wardrobe ready for autumn and maybe even take yourself for a little coffee and cake too! Our new shop has got a fantastic range of clothing, shoes and accessories so pop down and have a browse!

Cold Water Therapy

Hit the waves for an instant refresh. Cold water swimming has been proven to be good for your mental health, cardiovascular system and energy levels so now's the time to give it a go! Head to the coast, a local river or a lake. Our favourite spots in Cornwall for a wild swim are our local beach at Portreath, Porthtowan sea pool just down the road and Prussia Cove. Remember, be wild, but be safe!