A Uniquely Cornish Christmas

A Uniquely Cornish Christmas

Have you ever imagined Christmas in Cornwall? It's not so much snowy beach scenes and icy coastal walks. More like daffodils peeking their heads through in some of the warmest winter weather the UK gets and stripping off another layer as you chug up a hill on the coast path! However, Cornwall is amazing at Christmas for very different reasons from the idyllic idea of a white Christmas. Let us show you what makes a unique Cornish Christmas...

The Christmas Day Swim

It's a long standing tradition in Cornwall that before you open your presents on Christmas morning you run down to the beach for a bracing dip in the sea - often in fancy dress! It may be cold, it may be crazy, but it's certainly fun, always has a great atmosphere and really works up an appetite for Christmas dinner!

Montol Festival

A revival of traditional Cornish midwinter customs and Christmas traditions to celebrate the winter solstice. This six day art and community festival culminates on 21st December (winter solstice) with Montol Eve. Fire beacons are lit through the town, the Cornish Yule log is chalked and lit and a parade of people in masks and mock formal costume dance through the streets. A magical, spooky and fascinating evening.

Tom Bawcock's Eve

On 23rd December the villagers of Mousehole celebrate Tom Bawcock. He was a local fisherman that saved the famine struck village during a spate of winter storms by braving the weather and landing a catch of fish. His act of heroism is celebrated every year by a lantern parade, songs and a star-gazey pie in the pub.

Mousehole Lights

Since 1963 the Mousehole Lights have been bringing festive fun to this tiny harbour village near Penzance. These aren't just any old Christmas lights - you'll find floating sea serpents, boats and whales in the harbour, a Celtic cross on the island out to sea and lights right up on the hillside. The whole village is lit up by a festive glow and is well worth wandering up and down the alleyways and round hidden corners to see what you'll discover next.

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